Monday, March 16, 2009

Whoa Nelly! Katharine Hepburn


After almost two weeks of laziness, I finally felt compelled enough to post this 5 seconds after stumbling upon it!

Meow! How old do you think she is in this picture? (Of course, this woman is forever young).

I am so used to seeing the great Kate with her high collar up to the chin and trousers covering her legs that seeing her her bare shoulders and with a nipple slip!!! is completely shocking and jarring!

I love personalities who have the power to surprise you continually.

I wish I was one of those people who continually challenge themselves.

Jane Fonda experienced Kate’s wisdom and remembered these words from Great Kate:

"You've earned my respect. You've stood up to your fears. If you don't do that, you become soggy."

Happy Monday everyone! Time to step out of comfort zones.



Lolita said...

Wow! Shocking picture! I will save that one!

And Nik - it WAS me on that picture in my competition, haha. I thought about having these competitions on my blog now and then, and started it off with a little prank! ;)

Me and my friend took that picture for a project in school about 1920's fashion.

Nik said...

Oh wow! You look fantastic. Slow ol' me didn't catch on right away lol.

That was fun!

It was a great prank b/c it ended up as a unique and creative competition. I am too lazy and too self-involved to think up something so fun.

I cherish the interaction in the blogging community and I think that competition was a nice touch. I really hope you do more:)

and ROTFL "I will save that one!" I had the same exact thoughts when I first saw it.