Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Love You, I Love You Not (1996)

I haven’t seen this movie for a while but I just wanted to give it some needed attention.

The film stars Claire Danes, Jude Law, Jeanne Moreau and to a lesser degree, James Van Der Beek.

It tells parallel stories of a teenage girl and her grandmother. The young girl, Daisy(Danes) has problems at school because she is Jewish.

While her grandmother, Nana (Moreau), tells stories about her youth in a concentration camp.

For me, this film is unique because of its cast.  I love seeing Danes interact with the fabulous Jeanne Moreau. Also, I love the chemistry between Danes and Law.

I couldn’t help but note that Jude Law has had that “receding” hair line since his younger years. I don’t mind it, I actually like it.  I think it suits him very well.

I find it very interesting the roles that actors choose to play.  I wonder why Danes and Moreau agreed to star in this movie…

In the same way I used to wonder as a teen why Dawson Leery chose to be in the football movie that is Varsity Blues, when in Dawson Creek, he was always obsessed with horror movies and thrillers.

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