Friday, February 6, 2009

Word for the Weekend: Spifflicated

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Okay, so Genevieve over at Classic Film Oasis shared this word with me and I am loving it! Here’s what she said

One of my favorite words is spifflicated, its a 1920's slang term that means "to be drunk" It's just fun to say, but probably not easy to say if you are drunk.

I love how it is so vintage that no kid my age would really know what I am talking about.

Secondly, it sounds like a kind of word that a drunk would make up.  Imagine some lush getting pulled over by the highway police.  The police asks him, “Sir, are you intoxicated?” The guy answers,  “How dare you officer! Of course I am not into-xi-ma-cated—I am spiifffflicated!”

This word sounds an awful lot like “spiffy”, which is a favorite word of mine. I wonder if they are related?

I have a buddy who’s had three DUI’s in the last two years.  He needs to learn to use this word.

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Genevieve said...

I'm glad you enjoyed my word! And thanks for the link!