Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentines Day Weekend Chick Flick Movie Round Up

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He’s Just Not That Into You vs. Confessions of a Shopaholic

So which do you think will dominate the box office? 

He’s Just Not That Into You boasts an a-list cast of actress who pretend to be normal people who have dating problems (don’t even talk, Scarlett and yeah, like we are gonna take advice from Jenn Aniston, now that she’s only dating douche bags). I wonder if they serve nonfat ice cream at the door?

Meanwhile, Jerry Bruckheimer shelved his usual CG special effects and invested instead on Confessions of a Shopaholic—taking lessons from the money made off Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada by employing a different kind of special effects wizard: costume designer Pat Fields.  The movie is based on some chick-lit and I am going to guess is just a mask for some fashion show. I mean, when Pat Fields and designer labels are involved, does the plot of the movie really matter in order for you to go see it?

Both have extremely long titles, which seem to be a Valentines Day Weekend trend that started with How to Lose A Guy In Ten Days (2003).

Seeing how there’s an economic crisis and how Jenn Aniston is basically box office poison (Marley and Me was not a Jenn Aniston movie, it was the dog’s movie and slightly Owen Wilson’s) and or people don’t really wanna see her chin and nose on the big screen only a month after seeing it in Marley and Me, I think I will put my money on Shopaholic.

Shopaholic’s Isla Fisher is fresh and kooky and I am sure the guys are comfortable with her (she was Vince Vaughn sex-crazed partner in Wedding Crashers), so this makes this a plausible date movie. Because these two movies have the same target audience, I am willing to bet that one has to lose, while the other makes the money.

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