Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Lady Is Willing (1942) or Having Babies is the Answer to All Your Problems

Okay, amidst all this Octo-Mom hoopla, I thought about this often overlooked Marlene Dietrich film.

Dietrich, and her ludicrously delicious hats, stars as a Broadway performer who picks up a baby on the street.  She’s smitten with the baby and decides to adopt it.

Or did she? I am not sure anymore, I was too distracted by the leading man, Fred MacMurray.  Clooney? Whose George Clooney? All I want  me is some Dr. McSteamy MacMurray M.D.

MacMurray plays a dweebishly cute MD who is trying to get a grant by mating bunny rabbits.  Not the Playboy kind, but the kind you keep in cages. Wait I am confused, isn’t the Playboy mansion also a kind of…


I loved how this movie is so camp (tragically ludicrous), as most Dietrich movies are (I think so anyways).  If you don’t like the cute story line (think Bachelor Mother (1939) or Bringing up Baby(1938) except, in place of leopard is a baby) you can also just ogle at Marlene Dietrich’s wild get-ups while she holds a baby (yes, many mothers wear sequins while bottle-feeding) or if you’d rather, you can just flutter your eyelashes at Fred MacMurray (who I think is at his peek, attractive-wise. Oh, Professor McSteamy).

This comedy is not exactly screwball or Preston Sturges, but I definitely felt satisfied and jelly-legged after watching.

That and I suddenly felt in the mood for buying intricate, large, feather hats—and follow that with a trip to Loyola University in search of a MacMurrayish professor.

BTW: Thanks to Genevieve at Film Oasis, my eyes are wide open as to how many films there are that aren’t available on DVD!
This is one of those films that is not on DVD (frowny face). The film is only available on
VHS  (right, and I’ll just listen to my Little Wayne songs on an 8-track).

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