Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Obsession of The Day: Carine Roitfeld

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“But I am not French. I am Parisian. I don't love the French.”

Okay, for the past couple days I have been obsessing with this woman.  She happens to be French Vogue’s Editor in Chief and I am in love with her! I want to sex her up and keep a pair of her panties as souvenir.  This woman is a goddess.

Don’t let her job title fool you.  She is an international party girl/ rock star…it is no coincidence that this dame bears a striking resemblance to Iggy Pop.

In her offices in France, she keeps a scale.  Despite denying them, rumors suggest that all her employees have to meet certain weight requirements!

She has stopped wearing fur because they stink quickly and she is human-- slightly scared of American Vogue’s Anna Wintour’s wrath. Also, she hates handbags (only American women would ever want to fill that emptiness in their souls with Marc Jacobs concoctions). 

This woman is also an artist.  Just check out the cover she made, with a bearded tranny with great legs, something you may never see on the cover of an American magazine.  This woman has high artistic standards.

And my most favorite quality? Not merely the impeccable taste or her joi de vive.  Just the fact that she smiles a lot. She is definitely the polar opposite of a devil in Prada.

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