Saturday, February 28, 2009

Garbo Effect: Clark Gable and Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor Clark Gable GarboRobert Taylor Clark Gable Garbo-3 
Camille was on TV two nights ago and it occurred to me that many leading men piggy-backed on Garbo’s star power.

Many of them, seem to become legit stars after Garbo. Did some of her magic powers rub off on them?

I don’t even need to put dates or a “before and after” on the pictures since it’s so obvious that once an actor becomes an MGM leading man, he has to grow the mandatory moustache.

So here they are. Before they were leading men, they played nude-lipped love interests to Greta Garbo.  That’s right, Gable was once Garbo’s bitch—eat your heart out Joan Crawford.

Robert Taylor Clark Gable Garbo-1
I just wanted to share these last two photos.  I love how they look like they either belong on the cover of a trashy women’s romance novel or a hallmark greeting card.

They sure don’t make them like this no more.


Sebina said...

I think she particularly had wonderful chemistry with Bob Taylor... And I just love their chemistry :)

Nik said...

I have to agree. They worked wonderfully together in Camille! He looked so handsome in that movie.