Sunday, February 1, 2009

Domino (2005)

I'm rather easily influenced. When I watched the Sopranos, I began getting all cocky and swearing with violent hand-motions. You know who else is easily influenced? My mom. So now we pass around the Fuck word like it's a bong hit.
So I have been wanting to watch the 2005 movie Domino for a while now, and only just got to today because of Youku.
Some years ago, I saw an ad or something for Domino and I thought: "My hair. It must be as Keira Knightly's is in Domino." But then life came along smacked me in the head and I forgot until I watched it today. In the middle of the movie I found myself a pair of scissors and cut my long hair in a pretty good facsimile of the haircut Keira has in the movie.

So I always was kinda meh about Keira. She's one of those people like Angelina, whom others feel the righteous need to hate on cuz they so hot. And most women's worst enemy is a supermodel or those near to it blabla feminist bullshit so anyway most hate her without knowing why. And if you get over the pouty shit she does alot, she's not half bad. (Also, you have to admit, she's fucking hot in a gangly sort of 'I bet she'd be good at guitar-hero' sort of way.) But Domino made me almost love her bony ass.

Domino is based on the true story (I wiki-ed this) of English born and bred bounty hunter Domino Harvey, daughter of a movie star. She was a model but said fuck it and came to the USA and teamed up with two bounty hunter men. Mickey Rourke (hatchet-face in The Wrestler, 2008) Christopher Walken (fuck yes. He was my first big-time crush when I was a wee one) and Lucy Liu guest beside Keira and do a pretty good non-annoying job.

So, the plot is pretty tough to write all down here since it's full of details and shit, but there's a black woman (Mo'nique) who works at the DMV who has a granddaughter that needs an operation. She agrees to set up these 4 boys as the thieves of some cash heist so some of that money can actually be re-routed to her to pay for her granddaughter's operation. Problem is 2 of the 4 kids are mob-boss kids.

So Domino and her team--in a pimped-out Winnebago--get mixed up in this, accidentally mishearing directions and rip a guy's arm off by shooting him in the shoulder until it could be torn away. (I wished they had shown this scene a little clearer. I lurve me some delicious gore. It makes the warmth come out.) Lots of shoot outs, explosions, swearing and nipples later, the end of the movie is bittersweet, but I wasn't really left with a lot. I mean, it's cool and I mos def recommend it, but the sad places were ruined with shitty music and weren't long enough to elicit emotion for my black-boiled heart-box, and Ithink there was just too much shit going on to really get into any of the characters.

The movie was panned when it came out, maybe it was running against a big movie that year, I don't know. But this movie is purely for fun, to just get caught up in a small adventure and be like "Yeah that girl kicks some serious ass" and "Hey! It's Christopher Walken! and "That one guy that's the lawyer is now on House playing that ex-plastic surgeon guy working on House's team!"

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How do you know about the guy from House?


even I dont watch that show
I went to school with Jennifer Morrisson's tool brother...I vowed to never watch a single episode. How that girl got into Steppenwolf is beyond me.