Friday, February 27, 2009

After a Couple Weeks Hiatus

This blog is very sick and probably dying (as many other diseased movie blogs out there are—I am lucky to have lasted this long huh?.)

I have suffered from a semi-breakdown and have tried cutting communication from the rest of the world (my Google Reader has not been opened yet and I am scared to…the same goes for my credit card bills and numerous mail.)

So I think it is safe to say that by chance, on the one day I check my email Sergei sends me a note time marked a few hours ago.

Tribuspective has been resuscitated and is on life support.

Recently Updated63

Thanks to the supporters, (all three of you!).  And the rest who visit. Here’s to endurance.

…and to all the existential crisis: Why bother? Because I can. And am lucky enough to have the time and obsession with movies.

Here’s to all the corpses of non functioning movie blogs. May they rest in peace.

Here’s to all the blogs that survived. May you never disappear from the interweb and continue to live on eternally.


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