Thursday, January 22, 2009

Unnecessary Movie: The Edge of Love (2008)

The movie stars Keira Knightly, Sienna Miller, Cillian Murphy and Matthew Rhys.

I was wondering why Keira made this movie and apparently, her mother is named Sharon Macdonald and she penned the script.

This movie was a labor to watch for me, although it had its moments, like the climax at the end between Keria and Cillian. It had some nice, nostalgic atmosphere (everyone smokes at every scene, that’s the atmosphere) and we get to hear the bony Keira sing.

Cillian Murphy has a scary face.  Every time I see him, I think back to his demonic turn in Red Eye.

Matthew Rhys (the gay brother from the TV show Brothers and Sisters) plays the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. He is married to the mother of his child, played by Sienna Miller.

Wow, this just got semi-interesting.  If you haven’t been keeping up with the tabloid headlines, Sienna Miller’s genitalia is apparently wrecking another Brother and Sister’s star, Balthazar Getty's, home.  I have nothing against Sienna and other mistress sluts out there, I say more power to you and I hope that you sleep at night.

Another interesting tidbit about this movie is that Lindsay Lohan was attached to star in the movie.  She was supposed to take the Sienna Miller part.

Can you imagine had Lohan not dropped out? Balthazar Getty would probably have semi-normal kids and Sienna might be a better actress (MIGHT BE).

That fire crotch.  I guess she dropped out of the movie when she realized what type of movie she was actually getting into—which is a classy period piece.  In an interview with, she describes her relationship with the Keira Knightly character as having “a somewhat of a lesbian undertone.” Uhuh.  I didn’t see that lesbian undertone in the final film. Okay fine, in once scene the two lady characters share a tub, but so what, girls do that all the time, right?

Hmm…I guess the extremely skinny girls are what the fire crotch craves.

Anyway, the movie’s message has something to do with the war and how its bad for the soldier and the family of the soldier—whatever.  All I know is that the tabloid craziness that stemmed from this film is far more interesting than the movie itself.

Who do you think shoulda taken the role of Caitlin McNamara in The Edge of Love? (Then maybe, Lindsay Lohan would be running around with Keira. Now that would be a good movie.)

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