Sunday, January 18, 2009

Trash It: Katie Holmes for Mui Mui vs. Lindsay Lohan

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This new S/S ‘09 ad from Mui Mui is very disappointing. Good brand, shot by Mert and Marcus, and a high profile celebrity.

If this was a portrait for Vanity Fair, I would loooove it.
It speaks volumes about Katie Holmes, the brainwashed wife of Tom Cruise whose 2 year old daughter is more stylish than her.

Did the "church" of scientology bribe Mui Mui? Am I suppose to be happy that she is burned? Should I care?

I mean, come on, even Lindsay Lohan could have made this ad more interesting (more interesting, not better). Lord Knows she could use the work and have the energy for it.

Or perhaps they were on to something here. This picture is plastered on blogs everywhere and people are talking about it. Isn't that what advertising is supposed to do inevitably?

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