Friday, January 30, 2009

Sammy L Jackson 'Afro Samuri' kinda sucks rectum

So I'm one of those people that type like eight different words into the Google search engine, hoping I'll get specifically what I want, like true real ghost hauntings spirit story adult scary, or watch movies free online streaming new. You discover alot of cool things this way, and sometimes you even get what you were looking for. So I did this the other day and came across a data base with new releases of movies, and my eye caught Afro Samurai: Resurrection. I (attempted to) watch the series, but it was so poorly drawn, voiced and plotted that it made my love for anime hide. (Took 3 hours to find it again, it was trembling under the stove and I had to coax it out with a sqeaky toy.)

Why bother going into all the reasons why it's historically incorrect. It's just bad. I don't F-ing care at all, even if freeking Sammy L. J IS voicing someone. Why can't one of the good animes make it big over here?
Like Samurai Champloo.

This is Jin. He's F-ing hot.

Samurai Champloo has all the elements of a good damn adult show. It's funny, it's serious, there's hot men that are experts at fighting, a cute annoying girl that helps the plot move on, excellent animation and whether in original Japanese or English dub, it retains its luster. (Although I recommend the original Jap over Eng, because the girl's voice is so terrible in English and cute in Jap, and also some of the translations in subtitle are better than the dub.)

It's about a girl back in the Edo period trying to find her dad who stinks like sunflowers (sorry, it's actually "smells" like sunflowers), and she recruits by accident these ronin Samurai who act as her bodyguards while also accomplishing their own deeds on the trip, finding love, gorging on food, and even a fun mushroom-induced trip to a land of mining zombies!

There are some gory scenes, but not too many. It's pretty true to life in most matters, men hug, bathe together in saunas (sexay) and occasionally get naked, you see some nipple, people swear, but be a man and let that stuff enrich you rather than frighten your puritanical sensibilities.

It can be found online in quite a few places, I hesitate to write them here because well, copyrights and all that. but trust me, dig even a little and you can find it. I hated it when I saw the first episodes, It was kinda boring and I could take it or leave it, but I stuck with it.
Seriously, I recommend this. It's right up there with Berserk and Bebop.

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