Sunday, January 18, 2009

Film Persona: Kate Winslet- Body of Work So Far

jane_brownIt matters very little to me if Kate wins any major awards or not (I hope she doesn’t. The award ruins actors. Look at Gwyneth and Charlize and Halle “Catwoman” Berry. And I also don’t want Ms.Winslet to settle for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar as Cate Blanchett did.  Kate Winslet is no supporting actress.) Kate Winslet shall forever be acknowledged as a film thespian in her own right. To me, tickets to a Kate Winslet movie is always a welcome gift.

And whatever happens, she’ll always have a special spot in my heart. Whenever the Trésor de Lancôme ad comes on television, I feel my heart skip a beat. She doesn’t do much in the ad or even speaks any dialogue (learn something from this Ms. Kidman), yet she speaks volumes. Here in lies the mark of truly gifted and skilled actor. This ad reminds me of a Garbo moment. All you need is a face in close up—and we are voyeurs, allowed a peek in the depths of a remarkable woman.

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