Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Old School Modern

These actors posses the ability to weave in and out into period costume pictures and into contemporary movies. They can wear corsets or man-tights one day and  step into high heels and loafers in the next.  Their versatility gives them a mass appeal to the general movie-going public, but to film critics as well.  Their style of acting can feel traditional and refined, but these actors infuse a degree of modernity that cant help but escape within their passionate performances. They are young,  modern actors with an old soul.

Kate Winslet
Helena Bonham Carter
Ralph Fiennes
Rachel Weisz
Cate Blanchett
Nicole Kidman
Naomi Watts
Hugh Jackman
Christian Bale


Sergei Itzam Coiot said...

hey lovely.
I thought the post about girl and boy love that you got from a kids site was reaaal sweet.

Now the only thing i really disagree with you about on this page is kate Winslet. I liked her, then slowly began hating her the more she felt she had to make fun of skinny bitches. We caint help that we skinny, yo! And its just like, when actors begin putting their egos in front of their craft, like beging waaaaay too outspoken about every goddamned thing, peeps begin hatin.

The actual acting itself really isn't anything I haven't seen anywhere else. there is nothing to comment on as far as tallent goes. maryl Streep--fuck yes. Kate Winslet is a bland walk through a tired park where a dog lazilly farts. She's hot, but she's not extordinary at acting.

*(chocolate stars!)

Nik said...

Haha. You are so funny.

And FYI, Kate Winslet may not be your fave. but she generates some blog traffic for me!

Thank you for visiting Seri!
=) you are a Streep gal...interesting.