Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008) or Did this Happen to Me in High School too but was too Wasted to Remember?

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Paced like a teen novel (one of my guilty pleasures) Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist weaves through the city of New York in such an ambience that reminded me of some listless Fellini film. I have no idea what I just said…

I thoroughly enjoyed Nick and Norah, but alas, I would not consider it a feat in filmmaking. (FYI, classic film lovers, this has nothing to do with The Thin Man’s William Powell or Myrna Loy.)

What really made it good for me was it’s fresh young actors.  The movie did not feel like a Hollywood movie, but more like a Canadian movie. The main characters involve an emotional eater and a heartbroken Michael Cera, who belongs in a gay band—he is the only hetero band member and they don’t even have a drummer.

Very cute. Something for your leisure. If this your cup of tea. A really nice distraction.

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