Saturday, January 17, 2009


I have no medical background whatsoever.

But I firmly believe that milk is very beneficial to my health and that instead of drinking carbonated beverages or wine, I should indulge in a glass off the white magic.

I believe this magical potion has three benefits.

1. Helps your teeth
2. Helps your bones
3. Has special enzyme thingy majig for digestion

Those are three aspects of my health that shall deteriorate and cause a lot of heartache when I grow geriatric. So I decided that I shall have to take care of them and make the right choices.

And BTW, I am no health nut. I would rather be in bad shape and happy, than go for a run every week of my life. No. So long as I am not out of breath or feel depressed. My body shall be the result of my lifestyle and my life choices. The body I deserve.

And going back to milk...if it's good enough for babies, then it should be good enough for me. (Think about it! Everyone loves babies! Who wouldn't wanna be young! I mean, you get to sleep all day!)

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