Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Neighborhood Obama Inaugural Ball

I was waiting for new episodes of Scrubs to come on, but a major moment in history was going on so…my schedule was free anyways, I’ll watch.

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I forgot who the first performer was. Oh right Will I. Am.  Don’t really care…so moving on.

Mary J. Blige.  I am so glad she sang “Just Fine” instead of “No More Drama”.

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Maroon 5? Wait, are they black? Half Black?

Mariah Carey. Can this girl even hold a note anymore? Maybe she needs to find some advice from her opera singer mother. Poor girl.  I wonder how her lambs feel about this.

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Oh Denzel, you party crasher.  How come you never ran for the precidency. I would have voted for you.

Oh man, does the president and first lady know how to make an entrance. Michelle looks gorgeous! Michelle’s crème-colored dress was designed by Jason Wu.

Beyonce, don’t cry!

Jamie Fox? WTF.  I don’t give if you have an Oscar. You are a tool.  You may throw great parties but you are a MAJOR TOOL. What have you done since Ray?

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Stevie Wonder song.  I love how Mariah tried to stay as far away from Alicia Keys and Beyonce.  Good idea.  We wont be reminded by how irrelevant and worn out you are.

Ray Romano? Eww…Stop with the unfunny jokes.  Get on with it. Damn comedians.

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Hova Thomas i.e. Erkel.

Kate Walsh reads the prompter like a robot. Alicia Keys sings that song that I have heard a little too much not too long ago…but not too long ago for me to feel nostalgic about it.

Anti-Gravity? That came out of nowhere.

I am so glad Kerry Washington is getting some exposure.  She is such a classy and up and coming fashion icon.  I hope to see more of her.  I enjoy her work on the red carpet.

Vanessa Williams…I miss Ugly Betty.

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Shakira looks gorgeous. The straight hair on her is starting to grow on me. Why didn’t her and Beyonce do that booty shake dance? Hmm…Now that would have gotten the party moving! Ooh! she plays the harmonica now?

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Leo. The Bidens dance.

Faith Hill. What about the Dixie Chicks?  I would've spotted her for a McCain chick. Not because she’s a country singer, but because of that Country Music Awards incident when she got caught on camera getting sooo pissed off for losing to that Underwood gal.

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Lucy Lui comes on.  Girlfriend is still fierce.  A beard and Sting stings.

Why is Nick Cannon DJing? Is he getting paid?

Obama tries to be polite about leaving the party.  He re-iterates his “yes you can” thing.

The acrobats come back on. And they play something from Run Lola Run Soundtrack during the closing credits.  Wow! That is the highlight of my night—the Run Lola Run thing!

Okay show.  I wonder if Michelle will have costume changes.  I doubt it.

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