Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hilary Duff to Imitate Anorexic Faye Dunaway

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Okay, the blog community is all over this so you probably already know about the buzz.  Hilary Duff has signed to star in a new Bonnie and Clyde remake where they focus more on the real life of the bank robbers rather than the a sensationalized dramatization of their robberies. Uhh…didn’t I see this at the History Channel or A&E or some TV channel?

I betcha they are going to have them die with one single shot.

I hate some of these damn producers in Hollywood.  As if film making wasn't enough of a waste of money, they just go ahead and flush it down the toilet.

This impending remake is so worthless.  It’s not even bad enough to make it into a delicious guilty pleasure.

Least they forget, the original 1967 Bonnie and Clyde also had Gene Hackman and Warren Beatty. I loved that movie as a kid.  I remember getting such a kick when I saw Gene Wilder aka Willy Wonka, in a cameo. And of course, we must never forget the most crucial character, Faye Dunaway’s beret.Recently Updated42 
I mean, as if rappers like Tupac and Jay-Z haven’t butchered this movie enough by using it as a song.

I would much rather see a remake of Mommie Dearest with Jake Gyllenhall in drag—that way you get the queens and the teenage girls to the theatre.

If I was the producer, I wouldn’t hire Hilary Duff. Come on, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Darrow were da original gansta’z. I would get creative and make the leads African-American (as contriversially racist as that may sound, but it gives the black actors a chance in this one sided industry.)  Now that would be a remake I would like to see.  I dare critics to badmouth that movie because 1. they’ll be capped and or shanked and 2. they’ll be called racists.

A reminder of the gory Bonnie and Clyde (1967) ending.

I mean, how would you remake Bonnie and Clyde?



Sergei Itzam Coiot said...

ok friend, seriously, sicne whe nwas old little Fay anorexic? Stop making fun of skinny people. we can't fucking help it, you know. but we CAN fit into small splaces better, and our tiny skelatal hands can reach inot tight spots better than your fat hams. :)

Nik said...

I am an queally oppurtunity offender.

Jews, gays, scrawny, obese, blacks, white supremestists, etc.

I make fun of you even if you can't help Michael Phelps for example. I mean, I dont think any plastic surgery would help that butter face.