Sunday, January 18, 2009

Film Persona: Kate Winslet


Persona: The Unapologetic Woman

We best know her as the "fat" woman opposite Leonardo Dicaprio in Titanic.  She has made tabloid headlines when she protested against a women's magazine airbrushing her thighs smaller. She often gets fully naked in her movies. She is notorious for getting so many award nominations, yet never winning on (except until  2008 when many suspect and hope she'll start winning). Yet I best identify Kate Winslet as an ACTRESS!  With each passing year, she grows as a woman and with those newfound experiences are more challenging roles.  No other woman can brag such an impressive, uncompromising body of work as Kate can in her still young age.

Her AmEx commercial described the woman best and in her own voice.



Film Persona: Kate Winslet- Table of contents

Part 1- Socially Unacceptable
Part 2- The Frustrated Leading Lady
Part 3- Memory and Regret
Part 4- Shame and Secrets


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