Sunday, January 18, 2009

Film Persona: Kate Winslet Part 2- The Frustrated Leading Lady

After the gigantic success of Titanic, Kate began playing unconventional characters in art house movies. This period of Kate’s career finds her in a leading lady territory she seemed reluctant to embrace.  Kate would not be content to accept roles just for fame.  Kate remained dedicated in finding roles that exercise the best of her abilities.

Titanic (1997)
Her pivotal role, commercial wise, and the role that made us fall in love with this woman.  Her brilliant performance in this movie is overshadowed by the epic size. Kate really sunk into the character of Rose, the repressed woman whose destiny was chosen for her.  No other actress could have broken are heart in a more profound way than Kate could have done.  The movie, especially the ending, was sentimental.  Yet Kate's final shot in on that ferry, where she discovers the necklace in her coat, spoke volumes of that heartbroken yet resolute woman.RecentlyUpdated5_thumb2


Hideous Kinky(1998)
After the mega success of Titanic, Kate chose smaller projects and declined the huge movie offers (like the lead in Shakespeare In Love).  She had no intentions of being an unhappy Hollywood movie star trying to starve herself thin.  The path she chose was with the eccentric role of Julia, a hippie mother of two, traveling from London to Morocco, in this eccentric independent film of note.
I have yet to watch it.

Quills (2000)
A tale about Marquis De Sade, (the man from whom we derive the term "sadism") where Kate plays a laundress who smuggles the Marquis' manuscripts, puts her alongside Michael Caine and Geoffery Rush.

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