Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Film Persona: Bette Davis

Persona: The Tragedienne


Film Phases

So in the 1930’s, at the start of her career, dear ol’ Bette was pretty much trying to establish herself as a serious actress. The oldest film I have seen her in is in the 1931 pre-code James Whale film, Waterloo Bridge (1931) .  She has a bit part as the leading man’s sister and she is incredibly young and blonde in the picture, with a haughty English accent.

Pretty soon, Bette fought her way up the ladder and snagged a juicy part in a W. Somerset Maugham adaptation. Bette has often attributed her career as “before and after Maugham”.

Disgraced Wrecks (1934-1937)
Of Human Bondage
Marked Woman

Torn Down Bitches (1938-1940)
The Private lives of Elizabeth and Essex
Dark Victory
The Letter

A Discontented Woman 
The Little Foxes
Now Voyager
Mr. Skeffington
All About Eve

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte

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